It all began really about 14 years ago…

Hello, my name is Aaron Klafter-Phillips; I am the creator, Executive Chef, and Owner of Chef KP creations a new individualized chef and catering services company. My passion for creating specialized dining experiences for others in the comfort of their own homes or a private location began about 14 years ago at the ripe age of 16 years old. I loved cooking and was looking for any chance to show someone what I could do.
My mother and her 5 principal friends hired me to do a private 5 course dinner in one of their homes so they could relax, drink, and basically get wild with no one to tell them to quite down as would usually happen at the restaurants they frequented. Let’s just say it was a success and became a monthly affair. Word got out and others started to call, but I wasn’t ready; I wanted more formal training. I completed my degree in culinary arts at College of Southern Nevada and continued on to UNLV for a degree in restaurant management.
Along the way, I worked at multiple Las Vegas Strip Locations such as Table 10 Emeril Lagase, Bradley Ogden Michelin Star restaurant at Ceasars Palace, Stack Restaurant Mirage, Fix Bllagio, Max Brenner, and many others. I wanted to mix and mingle with the locals again, so I took over the roll of Executive Chef at Embers Grill and Spirits in Boca Park for 3 years, where we did upscale bar cuisine as well as multiple 5 course themed tasting dinners. (click for full resume).
I now currently teach as a chef instructor at NWCTA, a culinary magnet program for highschoolers. There I teach our students to industry standards in a state of the art 16,000 square foot kitchen which I love. However, my desire to create personalized experiences was burning inside me once again. Hence, the start of Chef KP Creations, a food experience like no other.